Just like most areas , the 23 families  around Jarrell road and Camp Circle live busy lives. There are children to get to school, long commutes to work, tiring chores to be done around the house and frequently neighbors helping neighbors.  We are nurses, teachers, police officers, electricians, small business owners and retirees.   We would know each other in most cases not by name but rather by either our property or our animals.


There’s the Beagle Guy on Jarrell Rd. ,  the horse lady, the guy who has the cows, the Beagle lady on Camp Circle, the bicyclist,  the list goes on and on.    One of the neighbors was going to put up a sign “Welcome to Hooterville” .    A loose horse? Stray Cow?  It wasn’t  “Animal Control”  that corralled them, it was the neighbors.  Imagine, moving into this area. You buy a house, spend time planting flowers on the porch,  come home from work and the flowers vanished, only to find out later that they were eaten by a cow that got loose. We will be laughing about that for years.

Neigbors Donkey coming to visit
Hear a knock, knock on the front door. It might not be what you would expect…

Dogs, you better like them because up until recently they were running loose everywhere.  Imagine getting a call at night,  “Kate is over here playing with Penelope, I’ll let her out in the morning”. If you live here you would know that Kate and Penelope are dogs, not children.  We yelled at the dogs when they tipped over the garbage pails, had them visit when we really didn’t want them to, had them go missing only to find out that they spent a cold night in the neighbor’s garage.  We cared for them, took in strays , rescued more dogs then we can even remember and yes, felt sad when they passed on.

Dogs coming to visit
The Neighbors dogs coming to visit

We have welcomed new neighbors by mowing their lawn when they didn’t have a riding mower,  filled in a big hole left by a years old tree stump after a new neighbor burned it out, we mow acres and acres and yet still find time to mow and clean up both sides of Jarrell Rd. , We trim the pine trees on Winding Creek Path so cars can pass. All without asking for or expecting a dime in return.

We all love the sounds of our area, the hee-haw of donkeys, the sound of a “Mad Cow” and know what it means, the whinny of a horse, the lone rooster off in the distance, the quack of ducks and wild geese and even the sounds of the neighbors pigs in the middle of the night . For a newcomer it might be disturbing, but we consider it the sounds of Home…..

Today those times are slowly passing away , subdivisions are moving in to the county, the roads are getting busy.

But we are still here to help, as neighbors……………