Sometime around 1970 J.L. Bloomfield  purchased 90 Acres from Thomas Jarrell.  It was mostly woods and pasture. He constructed a hog barn on one end of the property and a cattle barn.  There were about 500 hogs and 250 head of cattle.  He constructed a modest home on Isabella path with a bay window and enjoyed sitting in his dining room and watching the cattle roam the land.

Cows still roam some of the property in our area
Cows still roam some sections of our area. Its who we are

Around 1998 he realized that he was getting older in years and no longer could maintain the land . He decided to sell off the land and had strict covenants for its use.  Reading the covenants and talking to his grandson you can get the feeling of his intentions.

Grandpa is my biggest fan

It’s obvious that he wanted to share his lovely property with new neighbors but yet wanted to keep the rural atmosphere of the area.  It was his intent that the covenants were to reinforce  ” The enjoyment of all members of the community as well as the enhancement of property value , Out-buildings should not be located in front yards as well as machinery,  hogs and fowl shall not be raised commercially and all housing shall be single family in nature” . To view the covenants completely please visit our covenants page on this website or view the document that was recorded in the Superior Court of Paulding County.